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Tommy Gun Gel Blaster

Tommy Gun Gel Blaster

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Tommy Gun Gel Blaster

The Chicago Typewriter is finally here, featuring woodgrain stock and handles, along with a distinctive round magazine. The Thompson submachine gun holds an iconic status, known as the "Tommy Gun" and was associated with organized crime during the Prohibition era. It gained popularity among soldiers, police, criminals, and civilians due to its fully automatic fire and portability. The Thompson gel blaster is a unique addition to the industry, with a drum mag and proprietary gearbox.


  • Realistic 1:1 scale WW2 Thompson M1A1 gel ball blaster toy gun, fully automatic and electric powered.
  • Equipped with an LED screen to display the remaining battery voltage.
  • Top and bottom 20mm Picatinny rails for accessory attachments.


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Fire mode: Full automatic
  • Shooting range: 10-15m
  • Firepower: 140 FPS
  • Ammo type: 7-8mm gel balls
  • Size: 84cm
  • Weight: 1500g

Package includes:

    • 1x Thompson Gel Blaster
    • 1x Drum magazine
    • 1x Holographic sight
    • 1x 7.4v LiPo battery
    • 1x USB charger
    • 1x Safety glasses
    • 1x Fore grip
    • 1x Pack of gel balls

Please remember to check all local laws regarding the usage and ownership of gel blasters in your particular State.
Use protective eyewear at ALL times as incorrect usage can lead to eye damage.
Gelblasters must be concealed during transport and used in designated areas.
* Note gels supplied are usually of low quality it is highly recommended to use Ausgel gels for best results


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