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White Pearls Gels 7-8mm

White Pearls Gels 7-8mm

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White Pearls Gels 7-8mm

White Pearl gels are the strongest 'milky white' currently available on the market. Compatible with Gas Blowback and HPA blasters running a 7.5mm barrel, these gels are very easy to trace and perfect for competitive gel ballers want to see where they are shooting.

Slightly harder than a standard Armour Tech White gel, slightly softer than an Armour Tech Ultra gel - these gels will be excepted for use at most casual venues.

For best results, use within 48 hours and in gel blasters <300 fps.


Step 1: Pour 1 galon of bottled water or distilled water into your grow container, then add 1 packet of Armour Tech White Pearl gels (in dry form).


Step 2: Allow gels to grow as per below:

• 3 to 3.5 hours for 7.2 - 7.5mm sized gels.

Step 3: Remove gels from water – they are now ready to use in your gel blaster.

Notes: If using in a CO2 Blaster, white pearls should be used within 48 hours. Strain water out of gels and store in an air tight container.

Recommended Barrel Size: 7.5mm Inner Diameter (3.5 hour grow)

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